About us

We offer cost-effective, human centered sustainability solutions through our energy optimization services and products.

Our Purpose

To help organizations, businesses and homes reduce their operational costs. This way, they are able to increase their profitability, grow and protect jobs, reduce their costs while still protecting the environment.  

 Our Values

Creativity. Helpfulness. Clear Communication. Growth. Initiative. Efficiency. Innovation. Collaboration. Entrepreneurship. Impact. Sustain.   

 Our Mission

Dedicated to the optimized use of energy resources through ingenuity, creativity and empathy.   

 Our Vision

To create the greatest achievable impact across Africa by focusing on the environmental & economic issues associated with energy use.

As a company, we ensure all our services and products are sustainable. We align all our operations and clients’ businesses with sustainable development goals (SDGs):

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1 kWh
• Clients’ Energy Saved Cumulatively
1 $
Clients’ Energy Costs Saved Cumulatively
1 Tons
Clients’ Carbon Footprint Reduced Cumulatively

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