Creos PlajiweTM products are a composite material made from sand and waste plastic material, which has wide variety of uses from the various products that can be made from the process of manufacture in the construction industry. The products that can be made from the mixing of the two raw materials-sand and waste plastic-are paving slabs, culverts, building blocks, posts, roofing slabs, roofing tiles, ventilation openings, to name just but a few.The advantages of the Creos PlajiweTM product over conventional building material are:

  • Reduced weight thus ensuring lower transport costs and ease of handling. It is proved to be up to 30% lighter than conventional concrete.

  • Fewer breakages of up to less than 1% as they are not as fragile as conventional products which can have up to 10% breakages.

  • Greater impact resistance attributed to the plastic element in the product.The product is an excellent water harvester as it is nonporous, eliminating the risk of water absorption and fungus growth.They are fully recyclable and highly resistant to both weather and non-weather elements (acids, alkalis, salts, oils, etc).

  • It has a longer lifespan.

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