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Energy Audit

This marks the beginning of the whole energy optimization process whereby we come to your facility and investigate areas of energy use and energy waste through interviews with the user and conduct measurements of the various energy systems, recommend ways of reducing consumption and document the savings achievable in a report. A good energy audit report will have identified areas to reduce energy consumption by at least 25%.

Energy Management Services

Our energy management service packages are guaranteed to actualize energy savings presented from the energy audit reports and continue with the journey towards full government regulations (Energy Management Regulations, 2012 of the Energy Act 2019).This is because of our cost-effective human centered approach to the internationally recognized “Energy Pyramid” technique

Energy Project Management

This entails designing, supplying and/or installation of capital intensive energy conservation measures in the form of energy efficiency projects or renewable energy projects. We are specialists in the following renewable energy technologies:

Energy Conservation Training

Energy conservation training is integral to any effective energy optimization strategy. It seeks to improve the performance of the individuals responsible for energy use in buildings and other facilities while also raising their awareness of key