Energy Conservation Training

Energy Conservation Training

Energy conservation training is integral to any effective energy optimization strategy. It seeks to improve the performance of the individuals responsible for energy use in buildings and other facilities while also raising their awareness of key energy-related issues.Our energy conservation training modules are as follows:
Module I: Energy Management for General employees

Target group: General employees i.e. office staff, fuel station staff, etc. Outcome: Imparting behavioral training skills (i.e. people’s actions) geared towards overall energy efficiency.

 Module II: Principles of Energy Management for Senior Executives 

Target group: Energy management committee members Outcome: Provide guidance on how best to place responsibility in the organizational structure for energy management

 Module III: Energy Management for Technicians 

Target group: Machine operators and engineering personnel Outcome: Provide technical and analytical skills aligned with maintenance practices, standard operating procedures of equipment and general retrofits

 Module IV: Design Thinking Training for Energy Conservation

Target group: All staff members Outcome: Provide an introduction to a practical hands-on approach towards developing solutions in changing the behavior of staff to reduce energy/water wastage