CREOS Gets REDAVIA Certification As Local Solar PV Agent

There’s always been concern about going solar here in the country with reasons ranging from its too expensive to government is creating too many barriers to access it. Well, there’s some great news for commercial and industrial facility owners in Kenya as REDAVIA Gmbh, a leading provider in solar PV, has partnered with CREOS Ltd to help local commercial and industrial facilities access flexible, clean energy in a cost effective and capital efficient manner.

REDAVIA has a proven track record in both East and West Africa, as it is committed to solar energy as a key driver for sustainable development for businesses in Africa, through design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and financing of their systems. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, REDAVIA offered free solar systems to organizations, for up to six months. This prompted CREOS to identify them as a potential partner since they shared the same values of cost effectiveness and being human-centered to help businesses be resilient.

In late February 2021, CREOS was certified to join REDAVIA’s vast network of agents to help customers adopt their innovative REDAVIA pay-as-you-go system, which consists of a pre-configured Unit containing solar modules and electrical components. Once the Unit is on-site, our REDAVIA-trained, local specialists manage the installation, operations and maintenance of each solar farm.

Their carbon neutral solutions can be used to support existing power structures by supplementing the utility grid or on-site diesel generators. Through flexible lease agreements with just a minimal upfront investment, customers can reduce costs and increase their operational flexibility.

CREOS director of business development Dennis Kariuki confirmed that this was a win-win scenario. “This is a great win for us and our customers as we are able to augment our energy management service value proposition to access solar energy at a very competitive rate,” he said.

If your organization has been thinking of going solar to reduce its carbon footprint and energy costs, and capital has been a major hurdle to access it, write to us on we continue with this conversation.

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