Creos “Power To Earn” Referral Program Launched

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered a presser on new COVID-19 guidelines as cases continue to surge. The main contentious issues Kenyan’s were eager to note was on curfew rules. This is because there are some industries that really thrive during the night time and many of the Kenyan’s had hoped for a reprieve of the same. He (un)fortunately extended the dusk till dawn curfew by a further 60 days.

Industries that were exempted from this rule were essential service providers, factories which run with 2 daily shifts and construction sites. The pandemic has rendered so many people jobless or underemployed. With the tough economic times being experienced in the country, most organizations especially in the SME sectors have had to take drastic cost cutting measures. A no brainer when it comes to cost cutting amongst these organizations has been human resource hence the increasing unemployment rates countrywide.

As a human-centered organization in energy optimization, we understand the plight of these organizations and we are enlightening them that there are other cost centers which could be targeted – energy. According to research, energy is the 3rd largest cost center in any organization and we believe targeting this aspect could secure more jobs even when times become tougher. Moreover, the ever increasing cost of energy is also not favoring the economic situation.

We have therefore launched a referral program dubbed “Power To Earn”, where individuals can refer friends/acquaintances employed in known organizations to consume our energy optimization services. These energy optimization services will help them reduce their energy costs, increase their profitability, grow & secure jobs while ultimately protecting the environment. Once the referred organization is able to consume our services, the referrer in the “Power To Earn” program is able to reap handsome rewards from us.

This program is empowering the unemployed and underemployed make a living through earning rewards which are both monetary and non-monetary. If you have good contacts in factories, boarding schools or even construction sites, have a fair understanding of our energy/water optimization products and services, have had it tough during this pandemic period, then this program is for you.

Email us at with the subject “Power To Earn” to learn more about the program.

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